Who we are


Tico Haroutiounian
César Termine
General secretary
Younes Zouhair
Head of strategy
Géraldine Audrerie
Partnerships manager
Pierre Tirone
Membership manager
Johanna Bermudez
Operation manager
Kevin Ramirez
Wildlife specialist
Léopold Deconinck
Video editor

Our organization

Founded in 2022, Sauvage's main purpose is the monitoring and protection of jaguars in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, as well as their environment. Recognizing the loss of wild spaces in favor of agricultural expansion or urban areas, the urgency of their protection quickly became evident. In order to make a real impact and ensure a better world for future generations, land acquisition and the creation of conservation reserves are our primary course of action.

Convinced of the importance of making the results of our work visible and accessible, we attach great value on sharing the achievements obtained in the field.

Sauvage is above all an ambitious and complementary team. Bound by the vocation to protect biodiversity, each member uses their experiences and skills to successfully carry out the initiatives led by the organization.

Our values


The notion of responsibility is closely linked to the constitution of Sauvage. Convinced that the preservation of the planet and biodiversity is the duty of everyone and is not only charity, our ambition is to convey this vision to as many people as possible.


Creativity is the cornerstone of Sauvage's development. Through the presentation of our actions and the way of establishing connections with new partners, we provide a unique experience that goes beyond traditional sponsorship.

Social inclusion

Our vision of conservation is that it should be open to all and include as many people as possible. Everyone, regardless of their background, can play a significant role in the places where we carry out our conservation actions.


As a result, we maintain the highest level of requirements in achieving our goals, executing our actions and choosing the right people to collaborate with.