Jaguar monitoring program

Have your own camera traps installed in the heart of the jungle

Get access to the footages captured by your camera traps and share them with your community

Every camera trap already insured against loss and destruction*

Be part of the program

Camera traps

Equipped with motion sensors, these cameras capture wildlife day and night in high definition. Installed in the jungle, they allow exceptional observations. Already deployed deep in the rainforests of the Osa Peninsula and the cordillera de Talamanca, these devices are producing remarkable results through Tico’s Wild Studio.

Thus, the data generated allows us to estimate the number of jaguars, their sex, their areas of movement, as well as to observe little/undocumented behaviors, the abundance of prey, or even to discover new species. These data are shared with the Ministry of the Environment, the biologists and the researchers concerned.

How it works

1. Tracking

Exploration of remote areas and selection of strategic locations, ensuring the absence of poachers or gold diggers.

2. Installation

Preparation of the site, installation of the camera trap, generally fixed to a tree and oriented on a wildlife crossing point.

3. Image collection

Recording and analysis of images, changing of batteries and memory cards.

The program

Participate in the study and conservation of jaguars by joining the camera trap program. Involve your employees and keep an eye on your action in the heart of the jungle.

The benefits for your organization

1 Camera trap

Access to the video footages of your camera trap on your personal space on

Your logo integrated in each of the videos

Your company will be systematically mentioned when sharing these videos on the Tico’s Wild Studio social networks

Your logo will appear in the « Partners » section on the Tico’s Wild Studio and Sauvage websites

Annual report on jaguars and other species detected by your camera trap

Pack #1

3-9 Camera traps

Benefits of Pack #1 +

A camera trap offered in addition to those sponsored

Increase your chances of having your name associated to a great discovery

Annual intervention by videoconference from the Tico’s Wild Studio team for your employees to discuss the results obtained as well as a Q&A session

A customized video featuring the best footages captured through your camera traps each year

Pack #2

10+ Camera traps

Benefits of Pack #1 & #2 +

A trip to the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica offered for one of your employees each year*

Join the Tico’s Wild Studio team in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, participate in field expeditions and access the backstage of the project

Pack #3
Be part of the program

* Each camera trap lost or destroyed during the subscription period will be replaced

** Includes plane tickets, carbon footprint, accommodation and activities, for one week, for one person during an active subscription

Scientific contribution